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THAT WOMAN I want to be that woman, You know the one that has it together, No I don't mean in the physical,  I mean that woman,  The one that has her head screwed on so tight she does not waver, She is not easily swayed and stands for what she believes in, That woman that prays, Prays so hard even when things are great, She gives God the same praise on the good and bad day, I want to be that woman, Forget happiness she has joy, Joy in her heart that overflows with love, Her cup runneth over with compassion,  That woman that has blessings on blessings on blessings because she stays faithful, I want to  be that driven and ambitious woman, Unstoppable, Unbreakable, Courageous beyond belief, That woman that speaks good of the next, No bitterness and no foul play, But everything done willingly and in love, A love that never fails, A love that endures all things. I want to be that woman, I'm on that path and this is my journey, To do better to be better, I want to be that woman.​

This week, something that caught our attention was the poem that went viral, and turned into a movement of solidarity amongst women, #ThatWoman...

#ThatWoman is a brilliant empowerment tool that encourages you to engage with your goals and speak them into existence. #ThatWoman has helped me set short term and long term goals. Now that I have a plan of how to become #ThatWoman, it all seems much simpler.

WCAN will help you become #ThatWoman through empowerment, elevation, evolution and encouragement. WCAN offers you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, all pursuing #ThatWoman in their own way. WCAN provides platforms for great networking sessions, access to City firms and the guidance and support you may need through mentoring and development workshops. #ThatWoman requires focus. Keep your goal in sight, keep smiling and be selfish. Work on becoming better every day and soon, #ThatWoman will be your reality.   

A note from the Poet: My name is Kemi I'm a poet and a teacher. I wrote a poem called 'That Woman' and it's all about the type of woman I want to be. I wrote this poem when I was going through a dark phase in my life. I didn't like who I was becoming and I knew the situation I was in couldn't be my final destination. I wrote #ThatWoman to speak into existence who I want to be. I soon realised that my poem was a tool to empower women. 

Women are so quick to pick themselves/other women apart and point out the qualities they dont have, but how about the type of woman you are/ want to be? The qualities you do want to have or what you want for yourself in general? 

I wanted to use my poem and the hashtag #ThatWoman to uplift myself other women to be better and do better in every aspect of their lives. To take control of their mindset, their inner wellbeing and their bodies. Unless those 3 things are in sync #ThatWoman will not flourish as much as she really can. #ThatWoman is for every woman to love the woman they're becoming. Never stop working on themselves to be better and do better because they will become that woman.

Check out the hashtag on instagram, twitter and Facebook. Follow @thatwomanisyou on instagram and you can check out more of my poems on

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