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You've attended our events. You've read our posts and followed us on our social media outlets, but do you know ALL of us? Yes, that's right! There is a full team of 10 women behind all the events and content that you see. A team of women who drink Supermalt in champagne flutes and wine glasses. A team of women who shaku-shaku over brunch. A team of women with one goal in mind, to elevate, educate and empower other black women!

Ladies and gentlewomen, say hello to the WCAN Team:

All photography by @theeyesofja (Instagram)



AKA - The Big Boss. #TheChief

Marital status - Single Beyond Belief Occupation - Investment Banker (M&A)

Why you joined the team? - I created the team, b!

How has the experience been? Lovely, great having a sisterhood support system when you’re all working towards one cause. Stressful at times, but we get there in the end.

Your favourite memory/event? Summer Garden Party becau

se it had the prettiest pictures.

When you aren't working you are? Finding new dishes to gourmandise, drinking wine, plant gazing, watching foreign films (Nollywood).

Your favourite team member - Myself and/or Korede.




AKA - The Baby of The House.. #TheUberEfficientOne Marital Status - Very Taken

​​​Occupation- Student / Student Worker at NASDAQ.

Why join WCAN?- I’ve been a WCAN Member since I’ve been 16. Every event I attended left me feeling enriched and inspired. I felt it was time to give back!

How has the experience been?- Very enjoyable but also extremely demanding. 

Your favourite memory/event?- I’ve only done one event, Black Women in Innovation at Google. 

When you are not working you are?- Doing a lot of videography. It's my favourite hobby!

Your favourite team member - Mariam, of course




AKA- Abs on Fleek. #AlwaysonHoliday

Marital status - God's Time

Occupation - Compliance Analyst 

Why you joined the team?To be the change I want to see in the world 

How has the experience been? A rollercoaster! WCAN has seen me grow from a shy sixth former to a confident young woman!

Your favourite memory/event? The Summer Garden Party! The vibe was everything!  When you aren't working you are? Trying to pick up football again. Also love fashion, make up and music

Your favourite team member? (Me) the baby of the house (apparently) and our aburo, Korede




AKA- The Plug. #ByeLadies

Marital status - When Wee Yew Marray?

Occupation - Remediation Analyst

Why you joined the team? I joined the team because I thought it was a great opportunity to actually make a difference, to empower young black women like myself and to meet likeminded individuals 

How has the experience been? so far the experience has been great. Though planning an event can be stressful, the feeling of putting on a successful event that so many of our members benefit from is really rewarding. 

Your favourite memory/event? Summer Garden Party - it was really nice to wind down after the long academic year and get the chance to meet our members in a more informal setting. 

When you aren't working you are? Gyming, reading, going to concerts and festivals, and downing three glasses of prosecco back to back.

Your favourite team member? - Loool my favourite team member is myself sha!




AKA - Funke Akindele. #AlwaysSpeakingYoruba

Marital status - Confusing.

Occupation - Risk Consultant

Why Join WCAN? For the paycheck...kidding, we don't get paid. I really wanted to be a part of a team that shares the same values as me. 

How has the experience been so far? It has been incredible. The amount of effort the ladies have put into making WCAN as good as it is now has been nothing short of  amazing. 

Your favourite memory/event? Evolution Conference. The conversations I had with the young ladies in attendance brought me to tears. It truly was a powerful and inspiring event. 

When you aren't working you are? Writing short stories on Medium, buying books I won't read, Project Managing at Opened Palm and begging Eledumare to send me a million pounds...and husband/wife. 

Your favourite team member? I love everyone, even Natalie




AKA - Tiny but Mighty/Law Extraordinaire. 

Marital Status - Very Single

Occupation -  Commercial Real Estate Solicitor

Why join WCAN? I have  been passionate about the progression of young black women since the early stages of my career - earning a 'Rising Star in Diversity'  Award for it - and wanted to continue giving back.

When you aren't working you are? Co-founding Black Girls Book Club, a movement for black women to come together and share their love of literature and live their best lives! I can also be found trying to disturb Teju's peace. 

Your Favourite Team Member? Teju (duh)




AKA - Big Poppa Tell Me Who's Hotter. International One Chief Rocker.

Marital Status - Single and Loving It!

Why join WCAN?  Their value. It really resonates with me supporting each other, networking and encouraging ourselves to be our absolute best. 

How has the experience been? The experience has been challenging at times but also very rewarding, especially when our members send me a text and share their success with me. I have learnt a lot in this role and the only way is upwards for WCAN.

Favourite Memory/Event? My favourite event was my first ever WCAN conference and seeing so many black women in a room was very empowering.

​When you aren't working you are? Travelling,  hence why I’d like to have reached my goal of 50 countries by my mid 30s. I have been to 23 countries so far and still counting. When I am not planning my next holiday, I like putting my cooking skills to good use. 


So there you have it, a profile on all of us! Thank you to the lovely Jes for capturing our team so beautifully. You can follow him on twitter @KuntaKutiKing and on Instagram @Theeyesofja. Some of our girls were missing on our shoot day, but look out for some more pictures!


--Teju Soyinka

Teju is a Psychology graduate (Warwick University) turned Risk Consultant. Follow her on twitter @madesoyinka

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