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Black Heritage Success Summit

About The Event

Are you graduating in 2026 or 2027? Want to know what it's like at the London office of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)?

The Black Heritage Success Summit will be an invaluable opportunity for attendees to: gain insight into the various roles and opportunities at RBC and learn useful hints and tips which will enable you to enhance your CV and boost your application for spring weeks/summer internships.

Attending this event will deepen your understanding of the firm and expand your network at RBC, giving you a step-up in submitting a strong application and preparing for the interview process.

Please before applying, make sure that you review RBC’s website, LinkedIn, and financial report, to expand your knowledge.

Date: 19th October 2023 | Time: 3pm - 6pm | Location: RBC London 

Eligibility Criteria

​To be eligible to attend this event, you must be:

  • from a Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed Black (e.g. White and Black Caribbean), or another Black background; 

  • All 1st and 2nd year univesrity student members of WCAN passionate about careers in finance


    a WCAN Member

For further enquiries, please contact


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