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Black women in innovation - 30th March.p

We are making a space for ALL of our budding female entrepreneurs and STEMM fanatics! 

Join us for a chance to explore the plethora of options available for both entrepreneurs and women interested in STEMM, we assure you there are more than the typical paths in...

This event will be specifically for black women who have an interest in starting a company or venture capital possibly even those who are keen to combine this interest into their work in the corporate world. The event will be a series of inspirational entrepreneurs and speakers, investors who will provide an insight into their respective worlds. We will be inviting inspirational speakers who are aiming to make a case for diversity within the industry. The day will also consist of a mix of interactive workshops to empower, educate, elevate and encourage our members, whilst also providing a spotlight for Black women to discuss their current business ventures.

This highly exclusive event aims to provide a different perspective to women working in the city. We want to explore avenues, which are different to and often a follow on from a career in Law, Banking and Professional Services.


To attend this event, you must be:

  • a prospective female student from a Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed Black (e.g. White and Black Caribbean), or other Black background

Apply for Black Women in Innovation

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